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Boudoir For Men:

Sexy photo shoots for all kinds of guys.

Guys come into the studio for our male boudoir photo shoots for any number of reasons:  getting married and wanting a special gift for their honey; killing it in the gym and wanting to show it off; always wanted to..and finally did it…

There are about as many reasons as there are different kinds of guys – but they all have one thing in common.  They leave the photo shoot feeling more confident, more sexy, and more in touch with themselves.

Christopher’s photo shoot was no different.

He has always wanted to do a sexy photo session but never did.  Then he went through a dramatic physical transformation and for the first time, felt confident enough to do it.  So he did.

By day, he’s a straight-laced, color-between-the-lines kind of guy.  But he gets a little wilder once the sun goes down.

He wanted to show off his physique, and his style, but also feature his taste for the wilder side of things.  So we told both sides of his story.

Ready to set up a sexy photo shoot of your own?

The first step is a complimentary consultation where we’ll talk about you, your photo goals, and plan the details of your session.

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