Gay Fetish Photography: Seamus O'Reilly


As far as hot models for gay fetish photography - Seamus O'Reilly is a fetish stud extraordinaire.  He is quickly making a name for himself in the adult industry.  But that's not a surprise to anyone who knows him.  In spite of his sexy good looks, his twisted (read: kinky) playful spirit, and his enormous junk, he's a really REALLY nice guy too!

Seamus O'Reilly is a lot of fun to work with.  He's able to pull of a number of looks with the greatest of ease - from casual to OMG!.  He's a fantastic model with tons of experience.  Like many youngsters, Seamus is able to go from "uninterested" to "fully engaged" in less time that it will take you to finish reading this sentence.

He's a gay fetish photography veteran and his photo shoot included a number of "performance inspired" images.  But with a wildly popular guy like him, you can find him (naked of course) all over your Twitter feed.

But he's also an incredibly nice guy, and you don't ever see the "street version" of him.  So we spent some of our time together creating images that make him seem a little more obtainable for the rest of us.

See more of Seamus:

For a more revealing peek at Seamus, you'll need to visit the gallery, but you will have to have the password.  Since this isn't a porn site, the password is only available to those with a legitimate need to see the images inside. This would include potential models, creative directors, and anyone else possibly working with or looking to hire Trey for a gig.

But have no can see more (ok ALL) of this sexy stud in "films" from some of your favorite fetish studios.  You can also check out his twitter feed.



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