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Boudoir For Men: Richy

Because I respect our client’s privacy, we never release or display client images without the client’s consent.  This means we don’t always have the marketing images we need, so I sometimes have to bring in models for our own marketing and social media use.

This particular shoot was for an upcoming ad campaign.  We got the sexy advertising images we needed and then moved on to some sexier male boudoir images for his own portfolio.

Like most of our boudoir for men photo shoots, we generally start of with the subject at least partially clothed.  This lets them get comfortable with my shooting style and helps them loosen up in front of the camera.  Honestly, these images are sometimes some of the sexiest images we get.

Then I had this sexy guy slowly strip down for some more explicit shots.

Unlike Richy, most of the guys we photograph aren’t actual models.  They’re everyday guys.   But even being a pro model, this sexy guy still has a case of nerves.

Along the way, he got to see a few of the shots, and this helped him get comfortable with the shoot.   Before long, the butterflies were gone and he was throwing out ideas of his own.

Hopefully, you enjoy the view as much as we do!

Thinking about your own Boudoir for Men Photo Shoot?

The first step for all of our photo shoots is a quick phone call with me.  It’s a no-pressure call where we’ll talk about you, what you’re looking for in a sexy boudoir for men photo shoot, and we’ll brainstorm some fun ideas for your shoot.  The call is complimentary, and you can schedule it online so you can find a time that works best for you.

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