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Modern. Artistic.
Nude Male Photography

Because guys deserve to feel sexy too!

Because guys deserve
to feel sexy too!


Custom designed physique, male boudoir, and erotic photo shoots for your personal collection or commercial project.

Hi!  I'm Trey Fox,

I am a full-time, professional photographer specializing in male photography including male physique photography, artistic male nudes, male boudoir photography, and good old fashioned naked guys. Sometimes, I also photograph guys with their clothes on.

I realize that not everyone I work with is a professional model.  Most clients have never done a nude or semi-nude photo shoot before.  It can be both exciting, and nerve wracking!

Artistic Male Nude Photography - Photo Shoots for All Types of Guys

No matter your experience level, I have two goals for every photo shoot:  to make you feel comfortable and confident during the entire shoot, and to make you look phenomenal in your images.

Every shoot is 100% custom designed to meet your needs.  We'll talk ahead of time to get a feel for what you're looking for.  We'll also explore concepts and ideas for the photo shoot so you get images that say something about who you are.  Every photo shoot is managed in a strictly professional manner, and all clients receive the utmost discretion.

I want to create amazing images that represent who you are and am open minded when it comes to groupings and subject matter.  Photo shoots are available for individuals, male couples, and unique families of all types - as long as it's legal, and everyone is at least 18 years old.

A lot of clients come to me specifically for artistic male nudes or implied nudes, or a male boudoir session as a gift for their partner.  But some guys also want stunning images they are proud to display in their homes.  I'm happy to create those images for you as well.

Commercial Photography - sexy, interesting, attention grabbing guys for your campaign or project.

On the commercial side, I strive to stretch my creativity to provide you with images that meet your needs, but exceed your expectations.  I have significant experience in compositing and digital art, so I can often help you get stronger images while being efficient with your budget.  My experience includes fashion and advertising photography, book covers and author images, as well as erotic work for art collectors and entertainment producers.

Provide your own models, or tap into my vast network of professional models to get the exact look your want.

If you're interested in working together on a business or personal project, please use the contact form to reach out to me.