Naked guy in bed: nude male photography in Houston by Trey Fox Photography

Male Erotic Photography:  James

Sexy male photography
As romantic or erotic as you want!

This handsome guy wanted some sexy photographs for himself.  Like a lot of guys that come in for a male nude photography session, he had taken some “selfies” before but never modeled for a professional shoot.

In his creative vision/planning meeting, we talked about his style, his interests, his man, and the types of images he wanted.  But we also talked about what his boyfriend finds sexy – and the types of images he might like to see.  I always like to create some images from the boyfriend’s POV.

James was nervous before his photo shoot.  Even tho we had discussed the shoot in detail beforehand, he arrived with a case of the jitters.  I always take that as a good sign.  If they’re a little nervous – it means they are stepping out of their zone – and doing something that excites them.

Like most of my photo shoots, those jitters went away quickly.

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