Male Fetish Photography: Mr. Texas Leather 2016 Eddie Sherbert

It’s always fun photographing leather guys for fetish competitions.  Mr. Texas Leather 2016 Eddie Sherbert was certainly no exception.  He won the Mr. Texas Leather Title and a few short week later was off to IML for competition.

We did this shoot in Deep Ellum in the heart of Dallas.  Let’s face it, Dallas isn’t a leather mecca – but iy has a flavor to it that compliments his interests.  We picked Deep Ellum because of it’s artistic, quirky, and accepting feel.

Each IML contestant submits official photos as part of their entry.  These are used in the contestants listing, programs, and just about anywhere the competition is advertised.

The ones above were the official images released, but he ended up with a nice collection!  He’s extremely active in the community and a really nice guy too, so if you see him around, be sure to say hello.

Special thanks to Leather Masters for letting us use their shop as home base during this shoot!


If you’re interested in artistic male nudes, or a  erotic fetish photo shoot – hit me up via the contact form!  

Although I’m based in the Houston area, I regularly work in Dallas and Austin, and am working more in LA and NYC this year!