Discreet male photo shoots | Trey Fox - Texas

Want sexy, erotic photos, but don't want them plastered all over the internet?


Discreet-male-photography-Trey Fox | HoustonI understand, and your privacy is extremely important.  A significant portion of my work is for private collections only, but I still take great care in creating beautiful images that reflect who you really are underneath that suit, or those coveralls.

When you book a private session, We'll discuss the types of images you're looking for - tasteful portraits, nudes (or implied nudes), to hard core action shots with a lover. Whatever your flavor, I want to make sure you'll get the beautiful images you're looking for.

Before your shoot, we'll talk about how to prepare for your session - what to do, what to bring, and just as important - things to avoid!  These tips and tricks will help take the stress out of the shoot!

male-couples-erotic-photographyYour session can take place in my fully-equipped, private studio; at one of the spectacular locations I have available (Have you see the Junkyard shoot images?); or at a location of your own such as your home, or pool.

Photo shoots are relaxed, and a whole lot of fun, but they're strictly business.  So if you're looking for "help preparing for a shot", you'll need to bring a buddy.

Periodically, throughout your photo shoot, we'll review your images.  This way you can see how amazing you look, and we can collaborate on how to get some even better shots.

Unless you specifically sign a release allowing me to post your images, create studio samples, or use them in marketing, your images will NEVER be released.

I work hard to make sure your experience is fun, relaxed and creative.  Let's create some beautiful images together.

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