boudoir for guys photographer | Houston

Nude Male Photographer

Houston | Dallas

Custom designed physique, male boudoir, and erotic photo shoots for your personal collection or commercial project.

Hi!  I'm Trey Fox,

I am a full-time, professional nude male photographer specializing in male physique photography, artistic male nudes, male boudoir photography, erotic male photography, erotic gay couples photo shoots, and good old fashioned naked guys. Sometimes, I also photograph guys with their clothes on.

As a male nude photographer / erotic photographer, I realize that not everyone I work with is a professional model.  Most clients have never done a nude or semi-nude photo shoot before.  It can be both exciting, and nerve wracking!

Professional Nude Male Photographer: Erotic Male Photo Shoots for All Types of Guys

No matter your experience level or body type, I have two goals for every photo shoot:

  • to make you feel comfortable and confident during the entire shoot, and
  • to make you look phenomenal in your images.
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Commercial Photography - sexy, interesting, attention grabbing guys for your campaign or project.

On the commercial side, I strive to stretch my creativity to provide you with images that meet your needs, but exceed your expectations.  I have significant experience in compositing and digital art, so I can often help you get stronger images while being efficient with your budget.

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