Male Boudoir for Gay Couples photo shoot

Male boudoir for gay couples

Because romance is sexy!

Most of the guys that come in for a couples male boudoir photo shoot aren’t models, but every now and then, they are!  You might think is just another photo shoot, but It can also be a lot of work because they tend not to behave.

But really, we had a great time creating these sexy images with these handsome guys.

They’re both rocking sexy bodies and friendly, down-to-earth personalities.  They were a little shy at first, but that didn’t last long.

That’s not a surprise though.  Most guys are nervous at first but lose those butterflies (and sometimes their clothes) pretty fast.

These images were some of the favorites from the shoot.  They are classic, artistic, and sexy, but they’re also playful and fun.  Pretty much like these guys!  We also did a whole series of “shaving” images that are too sexy to show here.

This is a great example of what a boudoir photo shoot for gay couples would be like.  Amazing images of each of you individually, as well as some beautiful images of you together.

My goal for your couple’s boudoir photo shoot is to create images that express who you are – individually and as a couple.  Are you a sensual and romantic couple, or do you live on the wilder side?  Either is great because your boudoir images can be as classic or as steamy as you like.

Bringing sexy back is what my boudoir photo shoots are all about.  I would love to help you showcase the passion you share.


Interested in a male boudoir photo shoot for you and your partner?  Every photo shoot begins with a short phone call to talk about your project and what we can create. 

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