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Because guys deserve to feel sexy too!


So you're thinking about “getting your sexy on” and posing for a male boudoir photo shoot.

At this point, you're curious but apprehensive. It's exciting to think about, but it's also out of your comfort zone.


Most of the guys that come in have felt the exact same way.

They're not professional models, and they're not gym rats.

They're everyday guys.

They worry about being able to “look sexy”, and if their sweetheart will like their images.

But we specialize in boudoir for men, so by the time we're done, they all leave feeling more sexy, more confident, and more empowered.


Male Boudoir is about more than creating (somewhat) naked guy photos.

It's about reconnecting with your sensuality and your sexuality.

It's about turning your sweetheart on - and that incredible look on his or her face when you give them your album.

It's about the confidence you feel when you leave the shoot and again when you get your final images; and the tingle of excitement you get from showing a close friend your images.

It's about bringing your sexy back!


I believe male boudoir photography images should do more than make your body look sexy. They should also bring out what makes you sexy as a person.

So together, we'll custom design the look and feel of your final photos, by planning your photo shoot ahead of time.  From the mood and color scheme, to your clothing and the location.  All of these elements come together to bring out your personality, and bring out your sexy!

"Trey is just so easy going and laid back. He makes all your nerves just disappear. I was definitely not feeling showing more than just a little skin, but not even halfway through I was ready to reveal more than I had originally ever thought.  I'm already thinking about round2!"


Male boudoir photography
Male boudoir photography
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See what Christopher has to say about his photo shoot:

So now what?

Now that you have a little better understanding of what I believe boudoir for guys is all about,  you probably have even more questions.

So why not...

Set up your very own one-on-one phone call with me!

It's free.  It's easy. It's confidential and discreet.  You'll get all of your questions answered and there is no obligation.

You can even pick the day and time that best suits you!

5 Things You Didn't Know About Male Boudoir Photography - Trey Fox

Have questions, but not quite ready to talk?

That's ok!   I put together the answers for most of the questions you have.

In this 5-part email series we'll cover...

  • The truth about how naked (or not) you'll have to get
  • The top 5 reasons other guys do a boudoir photo shoot
  • 12 things to help you rock your photo shoot
  • Why it's OK to be nervous

It's strictly confidential, discreetly delivered, and you can break up with our email box at any time.  No hard feelings!

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I believe every client deserves our discretion. I value your trust, and respect your privacy. So your information will never be shared, and none of your images will be shown to other clients, or posted on our web site without your consent. Want those bad boys plastered all over the internet? We can do that...but only if you give us the go-ahead. Otherwise, they'll remain our little secret.