Hot Car Wash |Physique Photography | Houston

[gallery type="default" link="file" caption="default" masonry="true" width="" height="" ids="816,818,822,824,819,817,825,821,820,823"] If you’ve ever wondered how a hot guy washes his car….well here’s all you need to know. Between the sponge and the soap and the water….   oh and the hose, oh my! … Read More

Mr. Texas Leather 2016

Fetish Photography: Mr. Texas Leather 2016 Eddie Sherbert It’s always fun photographing leather guys for fetish competitions.  Mr. Texas Leather 2016 Eddie Sherbert was certainly no exception.  He won the Mr. Texas Leather Title and a few short week later … Read More

Hot in February

What can I say…. I love photographing hot naked guys! It was too cold to do this shoot outside (that doesn’t happen often in Texas), but this sexy model certainly steamed things up during his erotic photo shoot! I work … Read More

Sports Guy

Sports guy! Night shoots are always a bit more work, but it’s worth it when you’re working with a hot sports guy – and this model definitely qualifies as a hot sports guy!  We had a great time on this … Read More

Male Model Photo Shoot Chicago

Male Fashion Photographer Trey Fox: On the streets of Chicago. It was a cold day for a fashion photo shoot, but this adventurous male model was game for (almost) anything  – including getting wet! This may be a little tamer … Read More